How To Deep Clean Your Yoga Mat In A Washing Machine.

If you are looking for a way to deep clean your Yoga mat, you might be surprised to learn that the washing machine can do the job. Yoga mats become soiled by sweat and bacteria over time, and a good wash is needed to extend its life.

The good news is that there are products on the market designed specifically for this purpose. However, if you don’t own one of these products, and feel too much hassle of washing it by yourself then consider the option of clean your yoga mat in a washing machine.

Can you risk putting your yoga mat in the washing machine?

Yes, you may wash your yoga mat if it is made of a certain material and is thin enough.

If the yoga mat is made from cotton or microfiber material then the washing machine should be ok to use. However, if it’s natural rubber yoga mats then definitely do not put them in your laundry because they will lose their grip. (Although some yogi tosses their Jade or Prana Yoga mat in the washing machine it comes out fine, while others claim that spin cycle friction leaves rips on the mat.)

Many Reddit users purchase inexpensive PVC yoga mats from Walmart without having to worry about washing them in the washer. These are very light. Don’t try it with the Manduka Pro since its weight may damage the machine.

There are several things to think about before deciding whether or not your yoga mat can be washed in the washing machine. The good news is that there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to this! It’s all about balancing the risks against the benefits, so double-check any choice before putting your Yoga mat in the washing machine.

How to wash a yoga mat in the washing machine?

  1. Fill up the washing machine with cold water (don’t use hot water as this might damage the material of your mat).
  2. Add milk detergent or dish soap to the water (avoid using laundry detergent as it might be too harsh for your yoga mat).
  3. Fold the mat in half, and place it in the washing machine.
  4. Set the washer on its gentle cold cycle. Allow the Yoga Mat to soak for approximately half an hour.
  5. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly.
  6. Skip spin cycle (It’s risky though.) It is important to note that the spin cycle should be avoided. However, some folks risked it and put their lightweight PVC mat in the normal spin cycle, which dried out completely.
  7. Hung out to let it air-dry outside of direct sunlight. Don’t ever put it in the dryer because heat may damage your Yoga mat!

Note: Don’t wash your yoga mat too often. If you deep clean a yoga mat in the washing machine, do it once every six months. It is always wise to check the manufacture’s instructions before washing your mat in the washer. And, avoid washing your yoga mat in the washers with an agitator.

Are you concerned about the impact of machine-washing on the efficiency of your mat? Here Are Your Alternatives

You own a pricier mat and don’t want to risk it, there is a simple way to clean your Yoga Mat besides putting them through the machine!

The process is to lay your mat on the ground and wipe it clean by using a cleaner solution (can be manufactured yoga mat cleaner or DIY yoga mat cleaner from vinegar). Make sure that there is no soap in the water because this will break down the material of the mat. Apply the cleaner solution on a towel and wipe the mat clean on both sides, let it air dry.

The above steps should work for most yoga mats on the market. If you want a more in-depth guide here is detail on how to clean a yoga mat.

How often should you clean your mat?

Most people recommend cleaning the mat at least once a week using yoga mat cleaner to remove stains and sweat marks.

Take good care of your mat

  • Wipe your mat clean after a sweaty practice
  • Use a tower on the mat if you practice in hot weather
  • Never use bleach or cleansers containing harsh chemicals to clean your mat


It’s important to clean your yoga mat regularly so that it stays in good shape and doesn’t get smelly.

The easiest approach to clean your yoga mat is to hand-wash it with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Alternatively, you may use a yoga mat cleaner spray that’s specifically made for this purpose. Many people like putting their mats in the washing machine to keep them clean without having to do too much work on cleaning the mat.

Whatever cleaning method you choose to use, always check what type of material your mat is made from before putting it in the washer.

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